//Saving the Security with the Right Locks and Windows

Saving the Security with the Right Locks and Windows

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The most cracking window locks are modern, with the armored pad. About different types of window locks and their resistance to burglary is high. The presence of two locking mechanisms of different systems – a lever and cylinder, – significantly increases the resistance of the window to burglary. As a rule, high-quality large windows of an average price category are completed with just such a combination of locks.

What kind of design

Paint the window, moldings, embossing – all this entails an increase in the selling price. The functionality does not change. Do we need to decorate, especially since modesty is now in vogue again?

A more important question is whether the coating is resistant to weathering and precipitation. Even at the large to the house the window can be located in the depth of the terrace, so the apartment version of the large window, without waterproofing, will fit there.

The material

Each sheet of steel on the large Fordwich pvcu windows must have a certain thickness. This directly affects their strength. The minimum thickness of the steel sheet should be 1.5 mm. But do not go too far, because the front window with a sheet thickness of 3-4 mm. will be very heavy. It will be problematic for a child or an old man to open or close it. But in country houses or cottages, where the owners do not show them for a long time, they put such windows quite often. It should be borne in mind that to them the usual veils will not work. This window is held by levers. Its cost is higher, but the price justifies itself.

The Importance

Very important in the metal window are the stiffeners. The steel sheet itself is very flexible, if it is not hot-rolled. It has no rigidity; it simply can be taken and bent. It is the stiffeners that betray the windows of elasticity and strength. They are made from not less qualitative material, than the cloth (often even on the contrary).

Each metal window has a minimum of two vertical and two horizontal stiffeners. They are made in the form of an English letter Z or P. Give elasticity and rigidity to the web without increasing the weight of the window. It creates a kind of emptiness in the box, which is filled with special materials to complement some of the necessary properties. That is, with an integral metal for the entire thickness of the window, we would not have won in strength, but would lose in heat, sound insulation and excessive weight.

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